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The Cleanroom occupies a floor area of 600 square meters and consists of a plant room and a cleanroom. The plant room is equipped with facilities to support the operation of the cleanroom. The cleanroom provides class 10,000, class 1,000 and class 100 environments and also houses the equipment for front-end wafer processing.

List of major equipment of CEM:
Equipment in Class 10,000:
1. F&K Delvotec 5632DA Semi-automatic Wire Bonder System
2. PixDro LP50 Ink-Jet Printer
3. Lecia S8 APO Stereomicroscope
Equipment in Class 1,000:
4. Denton Explore 14 Sputtering System
5. Denton E-beam Evaporation System
6. Denton Vaccum Thermal Evaporator DV-502B
7. Atomic Layer Deposition System (ALD)
8. Trion Phantom Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Etcher
9. Rapid Thermal Processor System (RTP)
10. Micromanipulator Probe station 450PM-B with Keithley 4200-SCS Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
11. PVA TePla America - IoN Radical Plasma Cleaner
12. DektakXT Surface Optical Profiler
Equipment in Class 100:
13. OAI MBA800 Contact Aligner (Double-side)
14. EZImprinting PL400 Nano-imprinter
15. Hitachi TM3000 Desktop SEM
16. Sawatec Spin Coater SM-180-BT Easy
17. Sawatec Hotplate HP-150
18. Lecia DM1750M - x1000 Optical microscopy with CCD Camera